Published On: Mon, May 9th, 2016

‘Overacting’ not exist in cinema: Naseeruddin Shah


Naseeruddin Shah

Acting is an art which largely depends on the form for which it is needed, experienced Bollywood artist Naseeruddin Shah revealed that there is no anything as overacting or underacting in the entertainment industry.

Shah stated that “Underplaying and overplaying are faulty kinds of terms and when I’m working with younger actors I make it a point to emphasize that there is no such thing as that. There are truth and falseness,” Shah continued as, “If you say overacting, then Kathakali and Kabuki should be the worst forms of overacting but that’s not so.”

At the showing of his imminent venture Waiting, it was inquired by Shah that how he handles to play down his role in the movie. Shah replied as “It is the kind of acting that is required for a particular form. For Indian commercial cinema, a certain kind of acting is required, and for a film like Waiting, a different kind of acting was required.” Whereas Shah is recognized for powerful presentations in content-oriented cinema, he has also performed in mainstream cinema and frequently performed strong characters in movies for example Tridev, The Dirty Picture and Welcome Back.

Although in Waiting, Shah is performing a role he is recognized for, a peaceful and calm character regardless of the pain of waiting for his wife to come out of the coma. According to him, his character is so well-written that the actor’s job is approximately over with the writing alone. He stated that “I find myself much more comfortable in a subject like this because I can’t over-act that well, while there are some who do it brilliantly,”

Shah also advised spectators to sustain more movies like Waiting and search for above entertainment in a movie. Rather, he asserts that the viewers must search for something enthralling and motivating. Shah added as “This film has been made under really difficult and straitened circumstances. It is because of the backing of a courageous producer, and the vision of a director who desperately wanted to make it, that all of us got together and it’s been successful,”


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