Published On: Sat, Oct 1st, 2016

Pakistani artist’s response on India’s ban


hamza and sajal

First the Uri attack now recently killing two Pakistani soldiers has worsened the situation in India and Pakistan. Now that the Indian Association has banned Pakistani talent from working in India and Pakistani cinemas have pulled down Bollywood movies from displaying.  

In India many are opposing Pakistani artists and Bollywood is packing with mix vies on the issue. On the other side, Pakistani artists have now broken their silence on this tension.

Have a look.

Same like always Hamza Ali Abbasi broke the silence with courage and comment on the affair. In a Facebook post, the Mann Mayal actor said to his fellow Pakistanis to boycott all Indian content.

It was inquired regarding the recent ban, he replied, “Our actors should stop going to Bollywood. If anyone comes from there we should welcome them as we are more mature and civilized people than them. If a dog bites you, you don’t bite the dog back.”

Agha Ali from the eminent drama ‘Mein Hari Piya’ echoed the same opinion and added he hoped this had been done a lot sooner.

He said “I think it should’ve been done a long time ago. We have to be on the same page in every aspect now before we allow it all again. I’m super happy.”

On the other hand, same like many Bollywood celebs, Sajal Aly thinks that art should not be mixed up with politics.

She told, “Art is a form free from race, creed, ethnicity and all biases and prejudices. It’s not tied by any division. We must understand this when we talk about work collaboration of artists.”

Pakistani well-known actress Atiqa Odho was disconcerted by the idea. “It’s unfortunate if India takes such a position as we have always allowed their content and talent in Pakistan.”

Azfar Rehman has the same vision as Sajal, he said “Artists are soft targets; artists are ambassadors of peace around the world, hats off to artists of both the countries who have crossed the border to give and receive love. Let’s not curb the love, let’s not curb the art, let’s not stop the exchange of love. Please let our governments decide what should be the political scenario but let’s not make artists suffer. Don’t make them a target.”

While many local artists avoided commenting on the matter.

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