Published On: Mon, Apr 11th, 2016

Pakistani Calgarians seek to curb gang violence with awareness seminar from Calgary Police


On April 9th, Pakistan Media Club took the initiative to organize an event in association with Calgary Police Services and other community organizations like PCA, PCCA, RTLF, CCMF and The Kooza to come together for a seminar on Drugs & Gangs Awareness at Pakistan Hall in Calgary, Alberta.

The seminar was conducted by Sgt. Jason Walker who for the past ten years was in the Guns & Gangs Unit of the Calgary Police Services.

The Pakistani community felt this seminar could have not come at a better time for only a month ago there was a shooting at the Muslim cemetery near Cochrane, some community members thought to take action after this and decided to hold a public seminar for the Pakistani community on how to deal with future incidents. And by better educating the youths on the danger of gun violence and how parents can understand what is the best approach to dealing with their children to help them get on a better path.


Community members were paying close attention to Sgt. Jason Walker’s words. Photo credits: The Kooza.

Many Pakistani Calgarians are now understanding the problems that come with youth being involved in gang violence. Community members were paying close attention to Sgt. Jason Walker’s words as he gave an informative presentation and properly educated the audience.

Sgt. Jason Walker applauded the Pakistani community, he said

You guys get it, you know the problems, it does start from the family. A lot of these youth feel neglected from home and they start getting into these kinds of problems. The best way to solving the problem is not only from us, the police, but from the community and working together.


President of PCCA, Mr. Asjad Bukhari hosted the event. Photo credits: The Kooza.

President of PCCA, Mr. Asjad Bukhari hosted the event and said “We woke up with very different reality, that the problem exists within the community,” other community members such as Shan Ali of Express Media and Romee Awan from Right To Live Foundation also gave similar responses and included that the time is now for the community to wake up and solve this problem.


Mr. Burhan Khan gave some words of wisdom and what the community needs to do in the future.                  Photo credits: The Kooza.

Mr. Burhan Khan said:

Many of our families in the community are embarrassed to talk about these things, they don’t know to talk to their children about these issues, but we need to. The time is now, and our community needs to set an example.  I got a call from one of the father’s whose son died a year and a half ago, and he told me to make the funeral arrangements for his son’s body be sent to Pakistan.


Community members standing along side Sgt. Jason Walker. After the seminar, many families felt a connection and are now looking to a positive future. Photo credits: The Kooza.


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