Published On: Wed, Oct 28th, 2015

Pakistan’s Biggest Donkey Festival.

A large Crowd Found Donkey

A large Crowd Found Donkey

The ‘Tando Ghulam Ali’, which is the small town of ‘Baden’ District where the Pakistan’s Biggest ‘Donkey’ market is located and there is also a festival which is being celebrated since from years, where buyers and sellers of Donkey use to come at ’10th Muharram’ of each year, and they bring thousands of Donkeys.
This Festival is continued for three days non-stop and there are ‘Three Thousand’ different breed of Donkeys from all over the Pakistan.
Since, from years, this Festival has been organised on a small level and also have got the support of government and Baden government have authorised the Taluka council which has to name ‘Matli’ just to a lot the land for this festival, and they also impose a tax just for the sake of this festival.
The festival is being overlooked by their locals, and they also have the duty to collect the taxes from both buyers and sellers.

Pakistan is biggest country in the world about donkey birth

Pakistan is biggest country in the world about donkey birth

This donkey festival consisted of donkey race and also some other activities and some stalls just to decorate the donkey’s as well.
This Festival also had the price range of each Donkey.
The Price range of Donkeys for this Year was from 25,000 – 500,000.
However, there was also a Donkey, which was the best donkey of this year and his name was “TOOFAAN,”, Whose owner was demanding 1.2 million, and somebody offers him for 1 million  but the owner refused the offer.

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