Published On: Mon, Dec 14th, 2015

Panjeeri: A better sweet traditional alternative



Winter season come with a lot of delicious fruits and dishes to deal with chilly winds. Dry fruits are good to get energy and warmth. A combination of dry fruits in Panjeeri indulges sweet in tooth and traditional Panjeeri is also a special dish of winter.

Traditionally it is given to the new mothers because it is known to be extremely nutritious and helps in invigorating breast milk. But this dish with a few changes can serve to anyone and it has been a well-liked gracefulness amid people from all walks of life.

It is made up of semolina, sugar, almonds, walnuts, desi ghee and others herbs. This dry and crunchy sweet treat is pretty related to sooji ka halwa, which is accessible at almost every sweet shop.

There are two kinds of the Panjeeri which are made, one completely for nursing mothers, which possesses herbs, for example, Phul Makhanay and Kamar Kas, which is healthy and helpful for nursing mothers. The second type of Panjeeri is simple and can serve to everyone else which contains dry fruits and flour.

It is a nutritious dish and keeps people warm in the winters because it encloses almonds, desi ghee, nuts and semolina or flour. Clarified butter can be used to add some taste with the frying of all the nuts and semolina.

It is prepared with a lot of traditional recipes for hundreds of years and has been used as a nutritious breakfast or evening tea item.

Panjeeri is a totally wintered dish and people make it in winter, but a few people also desired to have it in summer for breakfast. People have the perception that it is heavily laced with nuts and can only be  consumed in the winter.

There are a lot of alternatives for the people to taste somewhat sweet and Panjeeri is best for children who have a sweet tooth. It is an excellent traditional exchange for chocolate and candies.


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