Published On: Thu, Mar 10th, 2016

Pathanay Khan ‘iconic folk singer’



Pathanay Khan, iconic folk singer’s 16th death anniversary passed silently on 9 March. The trend was maintained with little or no endeavors were made to memorize the Pride of Performance winner and admire his legacy.

Usually, Lahore Arts Council and Punjab Institute of Language, Art and Culture host praises and the same occasions for celebrated Pakistani artists of yesteryears, but shockingly, they preferred to ignore Khan’s death anniversary. The Punjab government sponsors both the organizations for the endorsement of arts.

Pakistani eminent folk singer, Arif Lohar, stated that “Khan had a unique style. It was our luck that a singer of his caliber was born in Pakistan. He sang with devotion, never caring about financial profits or popularity because music was his life. Failing to remember such Sufi legends is cruelty. How can we ignore people who earned great honor for our country?” He further added that the white manned follower of Khawaja Ghulam Farid still lives in the hearts of those who call on him every day.

Another folk singer Nasir Beraj Mehdi also raised his voice against the negligence of local art councils and cultural preservation departments. He stated that “Our culture department is recognized for organizing events but this time they did not arrange any event paying accolade to Khan. It is quite disappointing how they fail to acknowledge the contribution of late singers,”

The folk singer, Shaukat Ali, evoked that “Khan gave a new dimension to folk music by introducing his specific style of singing kafis and sufiyana kalaam,” he further added that “He dominated the folk industry for four decades. His music is enjoyed by people not only in Pakistan but around the world.” Ali further added that Khan was an asset and would always memorize for his contributions. “We must share his work and his story with our future generations,”

Pathanay Khan was a great Seraiki folk singer from Pakistan. His real name was Ghulam Muhammad and born in 1926. He was a native of Basti Tambu Wali, located in the Thal desert. He began his career at a tender age and recognized as a specific style singer. He became famous with his melodic kafis and ghazals, and gained national level recognition for singing Farid and Shah Hussain’s poetry. His eminent works are Maida Ishq Vi Toun, Wajay Allah Wali TaarKya Haal Sunawan Dil DaPilu Pakiyan Nay, and Kadi Moa Mahran and many other. Khan’s singing style stirred Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and he honored him with the Pride of Performance award in 1979.


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