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Places to visit in Islamabad



The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, is the beautiful metropolis which is full of lure & colors for the Tourists. The metropolis is full of entertainment, rich in culture & stunning natural spots to visit. Currently the metropolis is succeeding fast. In general Islamabad is the prettiest metropolis & there are numerous spots to visit for the tourists but a few are truly astonishing places to visit.

Here are some places which you should visit in Islamabad.

1-Shah Faisal Mosque

The Faisal Mosque is truly a magnum opus for the tourists. The Mosque is situated in the Margalla hills & its four Minarets seem akin to missiles on the launching pad. Its lighting in the evening supplements magical attractiveness & feelings which is the striking vision for the visitors. The Faisal Mosque is the present from Saudi Arabia for the People of Pakistan. Its basis was placed by the Late Shah Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

2-Daman-e- Koh

Daman-e-Koh is positioned on the Margalla hills and it is included in the stunning spots to gaze at. If someone is standing on Daman-e-Koh, he can see the Islamabad metropolis below. Here you can witness a lot of entertainment. You can find couples of snack bars & Restaurants. One more main picnic point on Daman-e-Koh is Pir Soha Wa. The Government gives numerous facilities and lightening which creates it so stunning.


Rawalpindi is a further attractive spot which is situated immediately close to the Capital Islamabad. This metropolis is thousands of years old but its modern History begins with the British power when they set up a military garrison in this town. Here you can find good-looking spots which are in fact watchable. The Military Headquarter is also in Rawalpindi. This metropolis is the loveliest picnic peak for the tourists.

4-Talkinfish Seafood Restaurant

If you desire to have dinner while visiting Islamabad then the just place which comes in your mind is the Talkingfish Seafood Restaurant in Jinnah Super 7. This is a remarkable and beautiful spot to spend a few memorable jiffies here. Consequently, whenever you are in Islamabad, visit this graceful spot to take pleasure in the natural view & meal.

5-A Place of Architecture

Islamabad is a gorgeous metropolis for the tourists particularly for the people who are Architecture fans. Fundamentally it is a combination of contemporary and old Islamic Culture & Traditions. The magnum opus Faisal Mosque is a grand instance of the Islamic Architecture & is a blend of Arabic, Mughal & Turkish Architecture. Likewise, Pakistan Monument & the Constitution Avenue have many for the Architecture lovers.

6-Pakistan Museum of Natural History

The Pakistan Museum of Natural History is moreover a good spot for the tourists to the trip. This Museum consists geology, Early Human history and the wildlife of Pakistan. It is much pleasing for the students and children, particularly in exhibitions.

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