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Places to visit in Pakistan


Ayun and Bamburet Valley


Ayun is a district and a village of Chitral which is situated 12 kilometers south of the metropolis at the convergence of the River Bamburet. The beauty of this place is indescribable. The district is surrounded by the mountains. Further than Ayun valley is Bamburet Valley, it is one of the three Kalash valleys.


White Palace Swat


White Palace Marghazar is the merely magnificent site in the Swat district that is located at an aloofness of almost 12 km from the metropolis of Mingora. It does not just do tourists where they can visit Marghazar for just natural beauty and lovely weather however as well to tour the historic White Palace (1941), constructed all through the period of Swat state.


Kerthar area


The Kirthar range extends from Sindh to Balochistan, dealing as a natural boundary amid the two provinces. This mountain range involves the picturesque Gorakh Hill (5700), Kutte Ji Qabar (6877) and Bandu Ji Qabar (7112).


This district is not only recognized for its wonderful loveliness but also for its affluent past. Extend crosswise 150 miles, it is a perfect traveler point because of numerous streams, springs and historic sites, and though, it’s unlucky that some tourists favor tripping. The local populace is keen to greet visitors and desire to make this region a better spot.

Mubarak Village Karachi


Mubarak stays the second major fishermen village in Karachi. Neighboring with Gadani (Balochistan), the scenery surrounds a stark compare of golden hills and turquoise lucid waters.

Rural areas near Punjab River


Punjab in Pakistan has been bestowed with innumerable good things involving lush land and verdant green farms. Nature has also bestowed Punjab with hues of each season when winter ends bright colors of spring extend across.

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