Published On: Thu, Mar 3rd, 2016

Plain water can reduce extra fats


If you desire to reduce some extra fats then just add a little bit more plain water in your daily dose and it can make a huge difference. Researchers have discovered that 1 percent enhancement in plain water drinking can pave the way to the lessening in intakes of sugar, sodium and saturated fat.

The research study that scrutinized the dietary habits of above 18,300 US adults discovered most of the people who enhanced their drinking of plain water by 1 percent lessen their entire daily calorie ingestion as well as their use of saturated fat, sugar, sodium and cholesterol.

People who enhanced their intake of water by one, two or three cups every day lessen their entire energy ingestion by 68 to 205 calories each day and their sodium ingestion by 78g – 235g, the results illustrated. Ruopeng An, who is a professor at the University of Illinois in the US, stated that “The impact of plain water intake on diet was similar across race/ethnicity, education and income levels and body weight status,”

An cited that “This finding indicates that it might be sufficient to design and deliver universal nutrition interventions and education campaigns that promote plain water consumption in replacement of beverages with calories in diverse population subgroups without profound concerns about message and strategy customization,”

The research study was cited in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics.

The researcher discovered that on standard, participants use almost 4.2 cups of plain water on regular intervals, accounting for a little above 30 percent of their total dietary water ingestion. Participants’ standard calorie ingestion was 2,157 calories, involving 125 calories from sugar-sweetened beverages and 432 calories from discretionary foods, which are low-nutrition, calorie-dense foods for example desserts, pastries and snack mixes that put array to but are not essential for a healthy diet.

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