Published On: Fri, Jul 15th, 2016

Pokemon Go is 5 time dangerous for your smartphone



Pokemon Go, the smartphone game made by Niantic Labs and Nintendo has shaped high interest across the globe. The game which was at first made accessible just in US, Australia, and New Zealand, has been downloaded by smartphone consumers in other regions of the world through APK files and other tricks.

Pokemon Go is at present the top one free app on App Store in the US and has been installed on twice as various Android devices as Tinder. Several reports point to that Pokemon Go every day vigorous consumers were almost as big as Twitters.

With too much activity accruing across a sole mobile game, cybercriminals have taken note of the publicity and made a variety of scams and trojans that are accountable infecting the devices.

Pokémon Go has certainly obtained the cellphone game stir to an additional level with actually every single consumer becoming the bandwagon to use it.

But fun is not just associated with it. There are a variety of causes recommending the consumers not get hooked onto Pokémon Go:

  1. Hackers might get control of your device

Android mobiles employ an APK file to carry out the app in your devices. Currently, this file can be employed by hackers to acquire in your cell phone.

Hackers should have by now been attempting to acquire their hands on the APK file to renovate it into a malware application and identify each progress you make later on.


This can be treated if the consumers download the game just from the Play store.

  1. Threat to privacy

The Pokémon Go game application, when downloaded in your device, becomes entrée of your GPS, and in iPhones, it can even provide complete admittance of your Google accounts.

Even though developers speak they have got heed of that problem, risks still emerge as the game has by now lured the hackers.

  1. Battery drain

Pokémon Go employs your camera and GPS to allow you to play the game but this arrives at a terrific price. It uses up your battery when you become keen to it and keep on playing it.

  1. It is dangerous

Have you not by now considered that you can play the game whereas driving and grasp them all? Though the thought looks rather charming, but it is hazardous and riskier.

  1. The game is costly

The game you can have been playing for long yet was never liberated. Have you verify your mobile data plan and find to recognize how much data packets you have tired which you will be billed for?


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