Published On: Wed, Jul 20th, 2016

Pokemon Go may perk up health



GPS-based Pokemon Go mobile game is much favorite across the globe and has taken the world by storm. An expert in the US has discovered that there are health advantages from playing the augmented Reality (AR) smartphone game.

Matt Hoffman, who is the clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Nursing, has stated that this mission to “catch ’em all” is immense as it pokes people to tour around the land, looking for far and extensive for a Pokemon effecting in usual exercising.

To development in the game, players recognized as “trainers” must pace across to discover and grasp Pokemon and contact particular sites named Poker stops — where Pokéballs and other helpful items are gathered. Poke-eggs are amid the items that can be gathered at these sites.

Taking to Poker stops, grasping diverse Pokemon and hatching the Poke-eggs needs many walks.

Hoffman stated in a university statement that “What began as just playing the game has now become a hobby for me that provide certain health benefits,”

Hoffman who has been warmly dubbed the “Pokémon Professor” by co-workers further added that “I’ve spent an hour or two at a time venturing around the community to find Poker stops. And, to hatch one egg, a trainer must walk anywhere from one-six miles. There’s no doubt about it, I am exercising more as a result of playing the game, and I am enjoying it,”

Hoffman further stated the game as well carries trainers at a particular position in search of Pokemon at Poker stops.

Hoffman continued that “The game is bringing people together, providing opportunity for social interaction and increasing our sense of belonging which can have a positive impact on our emotional and mental health,”

As Pokemon Go is a peaceful game, it as well impels families to walk around playing the game jointly.

The researcher further added “It encourages parents to go outside with their children while they play. Pokemon Go has the ability to transport families away from an evening on the couch to walking around the neighborhood,”

Playing the game has as well assisted people to find out novel experiences and places.

Hoffman stressed players to gaze at where they walk and be alert of adjacent when playing. He further continued “Remember, you should never play Pokemon Go while driving. It’s also important to avoid playing in dark, isolated areas — there have been reports of trainers being robbed and attacked,”


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