Published On: Thu, Jun 2nd, 2016

Police raid at the set of Shor Sharaba


meera and rabi pirzada

Sohail Khan, the film producer, proclaimed production of his imminent romantic-comedy film, Shor Sharaba. He had as well disclosed plans of cording in Indian director Hasnain Hyderabadwala for the venture. Whereas shooting for the movie was incomplete sway, the Punjab police barged into the grounds and suspected bad behave with the team members and smashed the equipment in the beginning of this week. The police officials reported the reason behind doing so ‘noise pollution’ at the set of Shor Sharba film, whereas the cast and crew had a diverse tale to tell.

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The shooting of Shor Sharaba performed at a farmhouse on Bedian road, which is some kilometres far from Wagah border in Lahore. The spot’s police stamped into the position and ordered Hyderabadwala and Indian choreographer Reshma Khan to stop the shooting right away.

Initially, the police phrased the place as a “sensitive” location, later on, they asserted they were ordered by senior government officials for doing so. A Defence police station official stated that “The crew was using loudspeakers without permission and the public was getting constantly disturbed so the shooting was stopped as per official orders,”

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Khan said that “This incident has disheartened our Indian team members in particular,”  He asserted that the police are not merely banned the shooting but as well physically ill-treated a few team members of Shor Sharaba. He added by saying that “They literally attacked us like a gang. Punjab police officials created a huge hue and cry on the location and slapped the cast members. This act did not only hurt us physically but has also left a bad impression for foreign investors. After such interventions, no one will want to visit our country for film-making.”

Eminent movie actress Meera was shooting for a song when the police came and she felt ‘disgusted’ later than the occurrence. Meera stated that “Pakistani artists perform in India and other countries and such incidents do not happen there. All around the world, police are not allowed to enter the shooting premises without permission. We should act like civilized people and treat foreign artists like guests,”

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Rabi Peerzada is also a part of the cast, however, she wasn’t there when the unpleasant incident happened, but she has the same sentiments on it. She shared that “I can only think about the kind of impression we are creating in front of foreign artists. Such acts should be discouraged at all costs,” 

Khan further added by saying that “I will continue the shoot but wonder why the Indian cast was targeted right now when they have been around for a month,”


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