Published On: Mon, Sep 19th, 2016

Politics is not Big B’s expertise


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Politics is not the game of kindergarten, same are the view of the superstar of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan, who had a short rendezvous with politics, stated that he is still not capable to get over it, as he repentant not fulfilling the promises he made to the people of his Allahabad electorate.

The star, who is 73-year-old and had won multiple awards, took a break from Bollywood in 1984 to pierce politics in support of a long-time comrade, Rajiv Gandhi. He contested Allahabad’s seat and won by a gigantic margin.

But the age of his political career was short because he resigned later than only three years. The star of Pink told “I still think of it because there are many promises that one makes during election campaigns. My inability to keep those promises hurts me. If there is anything that I regret, it is that,” Big B was telling to the Indian press that “I made a lot of promises to Allahabad and its people but wasn’t able to fulfill them. I try to do whatever I can but I know it is something that people of Allahabad will always hold against me.”


Bachchan is of the view that the choice to join politics was poignant but when he got into it, he understood that emotions had no place there. The Piku actor further stated that “I had wanted to help a friend. But I realized that politics has nothing to do with emotions and that I am incapable of doing politics. So, I left.”

It was inquired that whether his exit from politics cost him his acquaintance with the Gandhi family, Bachchan replied with a no. He declared “I don’t think it cost me at all. Friendship is not lost at all,”

The Shahanshah of Bollywood further stated that “You become an artist and there are people who love you and I have a desire to reciprocate that. If it happens to be a politician who loves you, then you reciprocate it. But just because I am reciprocating does not mean I am going to love politics.”

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Big B further elaborated the tactics in politics “Politicians are very powerful people. I don’t know if they can damage or harm someone and to what extent, but the process of going to the law and battle is not my job,” he further added by saying that “My job is to be on camera and deliver my best. I don’t want to divert my attention.”

Bachchan shared an incident while campaigning for the Indian National Congress in Assam and his helicopter landed at a site possessed by the opposition. He further said “Soon, the police asked us to leave. There were youngsters in the crowd and I remember one of them ran up, smashed the window and put a paper in my hand, the boy was the big fan” he further explained “It is something that artists have to face. We spend our lifetime getting people to love us and suddenly, ask them to love our politics too? That is not right,”

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