Published On: Wed, Mar 30th, 2016

Potatoes, tomatoes are beneficial to reduce sweating


Summer is approaching and sweating is one of the major problems and it has almost no amusement. While it is a natural fact that you feel somewhat awkwardness and problematic when you are out with someone or have to depart on a special occasion.

There is a homemade remedy to get rid of over sweating and that is to put potatoes slices beneath your arms and drinking a glass of tomato juice regularly and it is most effective.

Rahul Aggarwal, CEO, Organic Harvest, an organic magnificence care range company, has revealed a few easy tips on how to remain sweat away this season of summer.

Coconut oil:

Use almost 10 grams of camphor in a bowl of coconut oil and use on the sweat access parts later than taking bath. Depart it on for 45-60 minutes. Now clean with fresh water to provide you needed consequences.


To heal too much sweating in the summer, combine a tablespoon of salt with lime juice. Applying on your hands with this combination will slow down the actions of sweat glands.

Tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is effective if used on the elevated sweaty parts. Needed effects can be seen if frequently applied. It is brilliant for oily skin as well.

It is beneficial in reducing sweating. Just cut slices of potato and massage them beneath your arms and the parts access to sweat. Permit the slices to dehydrate prior to putting on your clothes.

Tomato juice:

If you drink a glass of tomato juice regularly it will be good in reducing this too much sweating all through summer.


Grapes are natural anti-oxidant and can assist to balance the temperature of your body. Thus consuming grapes every day can assist to deal with the crisis of this extreme sweating.

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