Published On: Mon, Mar 14th, 2016

Praising individual can improve team performance


Scientists have discovered that admiring individual workers can improve working both for other workers and for the team, opposing to the faith that giving rewards to individuals improves competition instead of assisting team work.

Conventional wisdom has organized that improving team work in the workplace should emphasize on giving rewards to all teams that perform well. Bradley Kirkman, who is a professor at the North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management, stated that “Our findings are based on laboratory and field experiments in China, and those findings tell us that recognizing individual team members can supercharge team performance,”

256 students were employed by the researchers at a Chinese university perform individual duties (making small boxes) and then unite into teams to work in a team (building the boxes into towers). They then admired the apex working in half of the teams and reiterated the personal and team duties. In this second spell, the work of the team who was admired for their performance improved considerably at both the individual and team tasks, there was no development amid teams missing an admired team associate. The researchers then examined these results amid workers at a huge industrialized company in northern China.

A few parts of the company took up “employee of the month” programs to recognize apex performers on teams, and other parts did not. The findings were akin: just those parts that distinguished top performers witness developments in both individual and team working. Kirkman told that “In contrast to much of the conventional wisdom that recognizing individuals might somehow hurt the success of the team, we found that recognizing individual team members helps teams in two important ways,”

Kirkman told that “First, team members observe one another’s behavior and set out to emulate the success of their team’s top performer,” he further added that “Rather than stimulate resentment in a team – as might be the case with financial rewards – public recognition of high performers actually motivates a strong desire to succeed in the rest of the team members,” he continued as, “Second, because each team member is changing his or her behavior to match the actions of the most successful team member, the performance of the whole team rises,” The research study was cited in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

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