Published On: Sat, Mar 12th, 2016

Press release regarding Muslim cemetery shooting by MCC, MCFC, and MAC


On Friday afternoon of March 11th, there was a funeral for Hamza Naziar, the son of Naziar Ahmed. Mr. Naziar was the first owner of ‘Lahore Foods & Halal Meats’ shop, they later sold their shop and moved to Acreage to do farming. Mr and Mrs. Naziar are very well liked in Pakistani Calgary community. The family is deeply involved in religious activities within the community. The entire Muslim community is shocked and saddened by their loss. Mr. and Mrs. Naziar is deeply saddened with the loss of their son. Hamza Naziar was 21 years old and died of natural causes.

After the funeral processions, there were two groups arguing which resulted in a shooting around the Muslim cemetery. 4 people were shot and injured with non life threatening injuries. They are expected to fully recover. We reached Mr. Tahir Alvi, a member of MAC(Muslim Association of Calgary) to confirm if it was an incident of hate crime, he stated

“It has nothing to do with hate crime, and it was solely an isolated incident. The RCMP are investigating the incident”

Mr. Tahir Alvi forwarded the following Press Release.


MAC               MCC        MCFC

Calgary, March 11, 2016

Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) is saddened to share this information with Calgary media and pubic.

Early account of this sad event received by MCC indicates that the shooting was near premises of Muslim Cemetery near Cochrane. It appears that the incidence took place after the completion of a burial at the site. Most of the people who participated in the funeral had already left. Few individuals whose identity is not known to MCC were reportedly involved in a gunfight. The exact cause or details of this gunfight is also not fully known and RCMP is currently in process of investigation.

Various news channels and the information coming out of hospitals indicate that there were 4 males who received injuries as a result of this incident; however they are all expected to survive. One of the injured suffered serious injuries but at the moment is stated to be in a stable condition.

Muslim Council of Calgary and its affiliate organizations are saddened by this tragic incidence. Graveyards and cemeteries are considered sacred places and must be respected by all.

At this point in time although we are not entirely certain about the real motives of this undesired incidence, however MCC does not feel that this event is related to any hate crime.

MCC will continue to work closely with law enforcing agencies to help them conclude the investigations.


Muslim Council of Calgary

Media and Information Department,

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