Published On: Mon, May 30th, 2016

Profile picture can disclose the personality


After the success of Facebook, Twitter is also becoming popular. Recently a new research study has revealed that the profile picture that you upload may not just illustrate your followers how attractive you are, but also notify much regarding your personality.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania in the US employed character assessment software to examine the profile images of 66,000 Twitter consumers, and inquired a more 434 people to complete a psychological survey. They arranged the respondents into five character categories – neuroticism, agreeableness, meticulousness, sociability and candidness to experience, ‘The Telegraph’ accounted.

Researchers stated that neurotic people have problem repressing their negative emotions. Contributors in this group are probably to set their profile image as something except their face, for example, a pet or building, they added. Consumers who are pleasant are the much probable to be happy, get together with others and smile, researchers stated.

The profile images of pleasant people are one of the much probable to be colorful, and will characterize the person laughing, playing with others or smiling broadly, they added.

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Meticulous people are the people who take pleasure in “orderliness, prepared behavior and self-discipline,” researchers stated. They are much probable to seem older than their years in profile images, and will employ methods, for example, wearing glasses or smarter clothes to get this, they added.

Similar to pleasant people, even assertive persons are probable to have colorful profile images and are for all the time smiling. They also inclined to pose with young people, or take on other methods to make themselves look younger than they are, researchers stated.

People who are bare to experience are those who take pleasure in attempting new, thrilling experiences and are not frightened to pose in a weird way. They are much probable to pose with an object and take colorless images, appearing annoyed or sad, researchers added.


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