Published On: Tue, Jul 7th, 2015

Publicity Stunt In The Sky takes Balloon Man in Jail


CALGARY: A man has been arrested on the charges of putting his life in danger when in a publicity stunt for his company, he tied helium balloons to a lawn chair and soared through the sky over Calgary Stampede (an annual festival).

Ballon ManRight after he stepped on the ground using a parachute, 26 years old Daniel Boria landed himself in the jail as Calgary police arrested him on charges of mischief leading danger to life.

Calgary police said that still the chair has not landed on the ground but by far no one got injured by this act of foolishness.

Boria told to the media that he planned this promotional activity for his cleaning business two months ago and it cost him more than $10,000.

A lawn chair worth $19.99 and 110 helium balloons for about $13 each he spent besides filling up cost of $80 each.


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