Published On: Tue, Mar 29th, 2016

Punjab University girl sexually harassed by a professor


Punjab University is one of the oldest university in Lahore, Pakistan. There are thousands of students studying in Punjab University.

 As it is a government university so there are no proper security systems for the students specially the girls.

Many rumors about the teachers of Punjab University have been heard in the past about harassment.

Recently, a girl of Punjab University along with her fiance complaint that she has been harassed by his professor. The professor of PU, Mr. Baloch is a well known teacher of the university.

The girl who is a victim was a student of environmental sciences at the university.

The girl told her fiance that she went to the cabin of her teacher for some work. Inside the cabin, her professor tried to sexually harass her.

The fiance of the girl later went to the professor’s cabin for inquiry that why he did that crime. The professor accepted his crime and he said that he will not do anything like this again.

The fiance of a girl asked him about the reason behind committing this crime of harassment with the girl.

The professor told him in answer that she was looking beautiful when she came into my office.

So I tried to harass her because my heart was out of my control. Pakistan is a Muslim country but now these worst acts of people have increased so much which is totally wrong.



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