Published On: Sat, Sep 24th, 2016

Purpose less people count digits of FB likes

Viral Shares and Likes.

Viral Shares and Likes.

A new research study has stated that if later than writing a post or uploading a photo on Facebook, someone counts the digit of “likes” then he is living lacking a sense of purpose.

The research study disclosed that for people living with a sense of purpose, the rush of self-esteem that arrives with the omnipresent thumbs-up on social media perhaps limited.

Anthony Burrow, who is the Assistant Professor at the Cornell University at New York, in the US stated that “We discovered that having a sense of reason permitted people to steer effective feedback with much severity and determination. With a sense of purpose, they are not so impressionable to the figure of likes they receive,”

The researchers clarified “sense of purpose” as the continuing motivation that is self-directed, slanting to the future and useful to others.

Whereas it is pleasant to get praises, online or otherwise, it cannot be an excellent thing to base one’s self-esteem on them.

Burrow continued “Otherwise when one gets some likes, he or she can feel inferior and the individual’s self-esteem would be dependent on what other people state and consider and over time that’s not healthy,”

Furthermore, “purposeful people observed the positive feedback, but did not dependant on it to feel good regarding themselves”, Burrow told.

It is for the reasons that purposeful people have the capability to notice themselves in the future and operate in ways that aid them to attain their targets, they are capable of slowing down impetuous reactions to perceived rewards so that they favor larger downstream inducements to smaller abrupt ones, clarified Nicolette Rainone from the Cornell University.

To conduct the research study, the team organized two experiments.

Receiving a high figure of likes increased self-esteem — but, once more, just for students who had less purpose, Burrow added, in the research paper which presented in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.


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