Published On: Sat, Jun 18th, 2016

Qavi Khan’s nostalgia



Qavi Khan is the eminent Pakistani artist who has time and again displayed his artistic ability at the highest level for decades. Whether it is in television, theatre or radio, he has amused generations for more than 40 years with practically every medium. Whereas the artist at present battles old age but the legend has not lost his love for the movie.

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Just some people know about Qavi’s inspiring filmography that brags of more than 200 ventures. He has combined feelings regarding seeing the complete air of movie resumption around him. He is both pleased and proud of the reality that the industry is currently attaining a grip once more. Though, not being loomed for any movie ventures makes him feel sad and extraneous.

He stated while giving the interview that “I think I am very passionate about films but I haven’t received any film offers recently. This time of film revival certainly means a lot to me.” He accepts that nostalgia is over to handle for his cohort of entertainers. He continued “The younger generation is definitely learning the tricks of the trade. We remain obsessed with the past and don’t pay heed to the present. We don’t realize how hard it has become for newcomers in the industry,”

He praises the resumption of Pakistani cinema to the escalating of cinemas and the rising amount of cinemagoers. He further stated “This rebirth has happened because people now want to go to see films in theatres. Young directors are doing a fine job, not only in setting new industry standards but training the new lot of actors that has never worked in films.”


Whereas he confessed that transformation is a continuing procedure and that we must not be much critical, he disfavors the reality that conventional techniques of film-making are still being employed in the country. He said “We need to step ahead of our times. Cinema is no joke. Films create nations and transfer help values from one generation to another. Films are not seen just for the sake of fun and enjoyment,”

Qavi is hopeful and of the view that Pakistani cinema is still in its determining years and must not be contrasted to Bollywood. He added “Don’t compare us to them. We are still growing. It is in our industry where actors are able to try out different things and work to the best of their capabilities.”


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