Published On: Thu, Mar 17th, 2016

Rabi Pirzada is set to debut in an imminent flick


The well known Pakistani lady Singer and songwriter Rabi Pirzada is going debut in the imminent movie Shor Sharaba.

Whereas she has made efforts for television hosting and acting, but she has maintained aloof from the film industry for a long time. Rabi stated that “I belong to a rather conservative family and my parents would have never allowed me to venture into films, given the kind of movies that were being produced until a few years ago,” Pirzada feels that kind of cinema was “tarnishing the reputation of Pakistan with below-par stories and vulgar content”. She further continued that “Hence, I kept busy with singing and television,”

Though, she is now hopeful with the new drift which has changed the Pakistani film industry in recent years. She added that “The new ones were entertainment-centric, had scripts based on lighter topics, and featured new talent, which was a welcome change.”

She discovered the right chance when producer Sohail Khan offered her a role in Shor Sharaba. Pirzada further shared about the film which is cross-border teamwork and it will be shot at various sites in India and Pakistan. She shared that “With my parents’ permission, I am now ready to work in films … an opportunity for which I am immensely grateful to Sohail. I hope that my performance is one that cine-goers will remember for years to come and that the movie will be an important milestone in our industry’s road to revival.”

The Pakistani lady is hopeful that the golden age of Pakistani cinema will come again. “Our industry should follow the pattern of the 60s and 70s when Lollywood was making headway,” she continued by saying that “We have a good chance of making it happen once again. We’re churning out some quality movies that are making waves across the border. On the other hand, Bollywood is facing issues of vulgarity, item numbers and weak scripting.”

Pirzada was of the view that “there’s a mafia in the industry that creates hurdles” in the way of juvenile, capable and educated persons. She stated that “The fact that our industry actually experienced a boom when the new generation stepped up is proof that there is no room for clichéd stories, vulgarity and the same old faces,” The inspirational artist promised to never compromise on her norms, “I draw inspiration from iconic Lollywood and Bollywood female actors who established an eternal legacy by sticking to their roots and staying committed to quality work for as long as they lived,”

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