Published On: Fri, Jun 19th, 2015

Ramadan Special: Macaroni Samosa

This Ramadan I bring you delicious and cost-effective recipes straight from my mother’s kitchen. So heat up your pans and get ready for a month of yummy recipes!


– 300 mg minced chicken

-2 tbsp olive oil

-1 tsp ginger-garlic paste

-1 chopped onion

-1 chopped capsicum

-¼ tsp oregano

-½ tsp chopped  dried red chili

-2 tbsp vinegar

– 1 egg

-1 cup boiled macaroni

– 1 pack samosa patti

-Oil for frying


– Boil macaroni in salt water for 5-7 minutes until it remains 1/4th. Then drain hot water, put cold water, put oil and keep it aside.

– Take a pan and put olive oil for heating. Then put ginger-garlic paste and capsicum and sauté it.

– Now make a filling of minced chicken, oregano,  pieces of red chilies, tomato sauce,  vinegar and macaroni. Keep it aside.

– Add macroni in this mixture and heat for 5-10 minutes.

– Add flour and egg in a boul and mix it nicely.

– Now fill pasta and mince mixture in samosa patti and close with egg mixture.

– Deep fry the samosa’s till golden brown.

When ready serve with the sause of your liking.


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