Published On: Wed, Dec 2nd, 2015

Rampant sexism exists in Bollywood: Anushka



27 year old Bollywood luminary Anushka Sharma is not frightened of expressing her views. The film star was telling without any shyness in an interview with Indian journalist-film critic Anupama Chopra regarding the uncontrolled sexism that lives in Bollywood.

She confessed that ladies in the Bollywood are merely needed to appear gorgeous and ‘attracted’ in a movie. She added that “Girls are likely to be good-looking, look nice. And be interesting enough in a film for a guy to be interested in you”.

She further stated that regrettably if an actress unable to appear gorgeous, she loses agreements for movies and all this is not happened to the male actors in the industry. She expressed it as, “Men can work as long as they want to, even after they’ve aged. They’re still heroes and super heroes, still astonishing and cool. This is fine. But then why are women merely taken for roles till they have their looks, till they’re seen attractive? There’s a sexual connotation attached”.

She also stated that it is much hard for women to enter in the film industry than the male actors and they both are paid differently as male are for all the times paid more than the women. “In spite of whether anybody knows the two or not — they will not be paid the equal sum for a movie,” she shared.

She revealed that the screenplays which are written for the films have also bias. The script involves more presence for the male as compare to their counterpart. Girls have less lines and if they have much script it all revolves around a guy.

“If I do a film in which my role is superior to the guy’s, none of the guys will do that role. Even if it’s a great role, no guy will go for it,” she told, adding together that not any male from Bollywood celebrities will still select for somewhat alike to George Clooney’s role in Gravity.

And bonuses for guy go further than the writing and amount. “If a movie has an outdoor slate, you know the guy is going to get a better room than you,” told Anushka.

“I never saw this discrimination throughout my childhood and at the time I was growing up my parents treated my brother and I with equality. We were never treated differently. I only faced discrimination after I became an actor,” she stated.

She considers that people don’t appreciate women with ‘guts’. “If you ask for something you think you deserve, you are a bitch and you have an attitude. We [Bollywood actresses] are not stupid. We’re not dumb. We haven’t come this far by being floozies. All actresses in the industry have a mind, they are intelligent,” she revealed.

She said that males are also facing the same pressure in film industry.

“You can’t even blame male actors [for sexism in the industry], even they’re under pressure to make a INR100-crore film. It’s a benchmark they have to reach,” the actress told.


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