Published On: Sat, Oct 1st, 2016

Ranbir is the male version of Sonam Kapoor


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No one of us would’ve thought that Ranbir Kapoor would call himself as fashionable as Sonam Kapoor.

It was questioned from the Sanwrya actor that whom he consider the most stylish Kapoor and the Bombay Velvet star replied frankly (much to our amusement) “I may not be the most recognized ‘fashionista’. I believe I’m the male version of Sonam Kapoor.”

Though, he further admitted that “nobody recognizes” it. He added, “I guess, I have to put in more effort and be out there for people to recognize that talent in me. I am the absolute epitome of fashion and style. (Laughs). I hope that people get it…”

Though, it was inquired that whom he consider the most stylish female actor in Bollywood and his vote is with Kat, pursued by his ADHM co-star.

His words were as “I guess Katrina Kaif is really fashionable. She’s carried herself so well. And she dresses simply. I also find Anushka Sharma stylish,”

Then it was asked about the style in men and he replied as, “What Ranveer Singh does with fashion is incredible. Saif Ali Khan and Shah Rukh Khan are awesome too fashion wise. All three are truly stylish, so much so that it’s a reflection of their personalities. And that’s what fashion is supposed to be. Right?”

Ranveer Singh had to be on the top of the fashion list.

It was inquired about Arjun Kapoor who wore heels during the promotions of Ki & Ka to the events and he said “Heels? No, no! When I see women wearing heels, I fear they’ll break their ankles. Thankfully, I’m a tall guy and I don’t feel insecure.”

He further said “With the weight he [Arjun] carried, it was amazing that the heels did not break. I wouldn’t be able to do it. I wouldn’t be able to carry it off.”

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