Published On: Thu, Jul 2nd, 2015

Rangers arrests 16 MQM workers over extortion


KARACHI: Rangers have arrested 16 MQM workers in Karachi on allegedly collecting extortion money from the Rizvia Society Area.

Rs 31500 have been recovered from them along with the receipts and other related documents for the fund in the name of Sadqa-e-Fitr.

The receipts of upto Rs. 500 were also found from them entitled as Muttahida Quomi Fund MQF.

MQM Bhatta Fund

Rangers claimed that these men were forcibly collecting money from the residents and no political party or religious group can be allowed for such practice.

MQM Bhatta


The para military force also assured that those who will be found innocent during investigations would be released.

In an emergency press conference at Nine Zero after the arrests, MQM leaders have denied the charges and also criticized Rangers on raiding the MQM’s Gulbahar sector and also stated that collection of Zakat and Sadqa-e-Fitr is a legal practice.

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