Published On: Fri, Dec 11th, 2015

Reasons behind the decline of quality content



It is eighth International Urdu Conference which is going on at the Arts Council in Karachi and this is investigating and finding the root causes that have made Urdu unimportant in the Pakistani society and what ultimately brought the national language to its current marginalize state.

A conference of experienced play writers and actors was organized on Wednesday where a joint panel discussion was accrued.  A TV producer, Muhammad Iqbal Lateef, concluded the topic with an attractive question, “Have TV dramas contributed to Urdu literature or have they in fact taken away from it?”

Lateef illustrated that the major cause at the back of the collapse in the value of content is growing commercialization of the audio-visual means, which has compelled the scriptwriter to take the back seat. He stated it as “The old PTV dramas weren’t famous because they had a monopoly but because the people involved with the projects were the likes of Iftikhar Arif. People used to spend four to five days just rehearsing for the serials,”

The eminent artists were there at the conference, for example, Noorul Huda Shah, Haseena Moin, Mustafa Qureshi and Talat Hussain, and fascinatingly stating that zero demonstration of today’s movie and drama, evaluated between the golden age of Pakistani amusement industry and what is devoted by the people at present.

Asghar Nadeem Syed considered that all this has happened because of the persistent absence of writers like Haseena Apa.

Noorul Huda stated her observation interestingly that now a day the producers have taken the steering wheel across most TV and film productions and it is difficult for writers to write a sober content and they write according to the requirements of their owners. She stated is as “Writers nowadays are more concerned with keeping the stove burning so they generally give in to the demands of the executives.”

Talking to the audiences, Talat Hussain, recommended that local TV channels should take a cue from their international counterparts, such as BBC and Voice of America. He stated that “In England if you want to watch commercial content, you have to pay around £20 to £25 per month. They have done this in order to protect their programming and cultural heritage from people who want to make money off just about everything,” he further added “Similarly, until the arrival of private TV in Pakistan, the quality of content was better.”

Haseena told that all actors, producers and directors will have to play their part. She stated that “I can say one thing confidently regarding our dramas that there were not language mistakes. Even directors were also used to say that rework on a dialogue and we would ensure that it was not grammatically erroneous. Directors, producers and writers — all of them have to be on the same page.”

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