Published On: Mon, Nov 30th, 2015

Reasons of wearing high heels



All the ladies love heels although they are absolutely painful. These are the extra five inches which provide confidence and attraction by others which makes every bit of it valuable.

But do you know how this wonderful fashion drift came into existence?

A leady whose name is Lisa Wade, an associate professor of sociology at Occidental College and a visiting professor at Loyola University New Orleans, exposed that the originators of this footwear were, in fact, men.

She further stated in an interview that “Researcher find out the emergence of lofty heels as a form of footwear to the military”. She further added that “In the 1500s, the Persian army made the heel for the reason to keep their feet in the stirrups. The European nobility well-liked the Persian army so much and begun wearing heels to create relations to the men they liked”.

She is persistently saying that “the fashion once adopted by the elite class, it becomes a trend and this tends filters down. So both women and men, only your standard middle-class laborers, they all begin wearing heels.”

This trend, of course, was not appreciated by the aristocracy. A key spot of fashion is to make differences between the rich and the not so rich. King Louis XIV began constructing laws that no one could wear heels as high as him.

At the end, one of the American colonies, women who wore high heels were blamed of being witches. Eventually, the elite men of European society were not able to forbid the people from wearing high heels, she stated.

Lisa stated about how that period was come to an end, “This was approximately the similar period as the Enlightenment, so they said that wearing high heels is illogical and converted their fame among women and less elite men to make fun of them. They have been in and out of trend ever since.”

“No less than one researcher considers that the current fame of lofty heels among women can be traced to pornography and the eroticism of high heels,” she stated.

Apart from the history today women are wearing high heels to attract hypothetical heterosexual man alongside with makeup and doing something to their hair, dresses these all are the messages sent by women to men that women care about men’s opinion of their appearance, she added.

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