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Remembering Akhlaq Ahmed


By: Omair Alavi 

Remembering Akhlaq Ahmed

Akhlaq Ahmed was one of the most prolific singers in Pakistan in the 70s and the 80s. Not only did he make a place for himself in an industry that was dominated by the likes of Ahmed Rushdi and Mehdi Hassan but he managed to become the flag bearer of their good work after their exit. Today(4th August), we celebrate his 17th death anniversary and there can be no better way to do so than watching his 10 best solo filmi hits. Here goes:

Saawan Aaye – Chahat – Robin Ghosh

This song was filmed on East Pakistan’s popular actor Rehman who was known for producing and directing films with brilliant songs – Chahat wasn’t much different and even after more than 40 years, the song remains one of the most popular due to its memorable lyrics and of course Akhlaq Ahmed’s vocals. Runa Laila sang the other version of the song in the film’s climax.

Behke Qadam Anjaani Raahein – Baadal Aur Bijli – Sohail Rana

Music composer Sohail Rana used Akhlaq Ahmed for the first time in what turned out to be one of his last films but the song opened many doors for the new sensation. He uses his range well and manages to carve a separate identity for himself with this filmi number.

Dekho Yeh Kaun Aagaya – Do Saathi – Robin Ghosh

Again, the Robin-Rehman-Akhlaq combo did wonders as they managed to create a beautiful song that still resonates with the public. Here, the actor/director is seen praising his beloved but not once does it look bad as he addresses the environment, not the lady in front of him.

Sona Na Chandi – Bandish – Robin Ghosh

Although Akhlaq Ahmed had just one song in Nazrul Islam’s blockbuster, he made it count. A. Nayyar and Mehdi Hassan also feature in the soundtrack but it is always this song that comes to mind when you think of Bandish, the movie.

Samaa Wo Khwab Sa Samaa – Nahi Abhi Nahi – Robin Ghosh

It is said that poet Suroor Barabankvi wrote this song thinking of Dhaka but the song looks equally good when you portray the hero in love. This number is considered to be one of the best songs from the 80s which only Akhlaq Ahmed could have sung.

Loota Qarar Mere Mann Ka – Nadaani – M. Ashraf

Pakistan began collaborating with other SAARC countries in the 80s and it was through this song that Miss Lanka was coined. Faisal’s signature dance moves as well as the catchy lyrics were the reason why people listen to this hyper active number.

Tere Bina Jee Sakenge Na Hum – Meherbani – M. Ashraf

Director Pervez Malik delivered blockbuster flicks in the 80s that were blatantly copied in India – Meherbani was one such movie where the songs were as important to the story as the dialogues. Akhlaq Ahmed sang this version of the tandem song and it became a huge hit due to his vocals and the thoughtful lyrics.

Kabhi Khwahishon Ne Loota – Meherbani – M. Ashraf

This song from Meherbani was copied by the great R D Burman in India and was sung by the amazing Kishore Kumar. Akhlaq Ahmed’s rendition was much better since it was original and his vocals were more suited to the situation.

Saathi Mere Bin Tere – Zubeida- Kamal Ahmed

Akhlaq Ahmed didn’t playback much on Waheed Murad but this number stands out as one of the two versions in the movie – Madam Noor Jehan sang the other one. The vocalist does justice to the number which is still popular after 40 years.

Yeh Kahani Phir Sahi – Basera – M. Ashraf

Akhlaq Ahmed delivered most of his hits on Nadeem Baig and this song isn’t much different. Not only did he emote the pain through his voice, he made the veteran actor look good.

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