Published On: Wed, Jun 22nd, 2016

Remembering Bollywood’s most iconic villain Amrish Puri on his 84th birth anniversary today.



Remembering Bollywood’s most iconic villain Amrish Puri on his 84th birth anniversary today.

Believe it or not, Amrish Puri wanted to become a Bollywood Hero but failed a screen test in 1954. And what a failure it was! Amrish Puri went on to become one of the most renowned villains in the history of Indian cinema.

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His most memorable and often quoted role is the character of ‘Mogambo’ (with the catchphrase “Mogambo Khush Hua”). It is still remembered fondly from Mr India (1987). Shyam Benegal cast him in movies such as Night’s End (1975), Bhumika (1977), and The Churning (1976). Yash Chopra cast him in Mashaal (1984), the same year that Steven Spielberg cast him in his best-known role outside of India, as Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). His elder brother is none other than Bollywood actor Madan Puri. Amrish Puri died in Mumbai on January 12, 2005, due to a brain hemorrhage.


Amrish Puri was the most popular and the ultimate villain of Bollywood. His villainy on screen remains unforgettable; his positive roles memorable. Amrish Puri excelled in whatever character he essayed. His acting prowess, towering height and baritone voice would often put to shade even the lead actors in the frame. He was the highest paid ‘villain’ in the country, and Steven Spielberg called him his ‘best villain’. With his imposing presence in 300 films, both Hindi and regional, this star actor will be remembered for getting into the skin of his characters and immortalising many a role.

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Amrish Puri, the dreaded Mogambo of Bollywood and Mola Ram of Hollywood, may have gone to his humble abode, but will always be alive in the hearts of his fans and say, “Mogambo khush hua.”


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