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Remembering Mehmood, the king of comedy, on his 12th death anniversary today.


Remembering Mehmood, the king of comedy, on his 12th death anniversary today.

Mehmood, the king of comedy, who tickled many a funny bone with his perfect sense of timing, his rib-tickling punchlines, his native wit and his deliberated accented drawl, was among the rare breed of actors to bring both a smile to the lip and a tear in the eye.

The son of actor-dancer Mumtaj Ali, Mehmood began life in a humble way, driving cars for others, running errands for a few rupees before the spotlight hit him. Mehmood’s forte lay in his impeccable acting style that had blended humour with human sensitivity.

Mehmood, born in 1932, had acted in over 300 films, including the big-hit ‘Padosan’ and directed a few films. The last film directed by him was ‘Dushman Duniya Ki”. His notable films include, ‘Sabse Bada Rupaiya’, ‘Pyar Kiye Jaa’ and ‘Johar Mehmood in Hongkong’.

Mehmood’s first major break came in the film ‘Parvarish’ in 1958. Some of his memorable performances included the good-hearted rickshawalla in ‘Kunwara Baap’, his portrayal of a bus conductor in ‘Bombay to Goa’ and as a South-Indian music teacher in ‘Padosan’.

Remembering Mehmood, the king of comedy, on his 12th death anniversary today.

Mehmood’s brand of comedy was unique and endeared him to all age groups. With the creative use of Hyderabadi accent, he made India laugh even as he ensured that the comedy did not become vulgar and indecent.

Mehmood! The very mention of his name still makes people chuckle. Mehmood Ali set the gold standard for comedy in Indian cinema, and is the most successful comedian in Bollywood history.

Remembering legendary bollywood comedian Mehmood Ali on his 12th death anniversary today.

(Image: Mehmood and Shubha Khote in a scene from the 1963 film ‘Hamrahi’)

For Mehmood, this was a movie close to his heart for many reasons. He directed it with passion and reached out to an audience that remembered him for this meaningful movie. His garrulous presence on screen and life was silenced two decades after the release of this movie when he died in sleep.

Remembering legendary bollywood comedian Mehmood Ali on his 12th death anniversary today.

Mohammed Rafi performs alongside Mehmood at a recording session for ‘Bin Badal Barsaat’ (1963)

Is father of singer/actor Lucky Ali and Manzoor Ali.
Brother of actress Minoo Mumtaz.
Married to Madhu, sister of famous actress Meena Kumari.
Son of actor Mumtaz Ali.
Brother of producer Usman Ali.
His filmography is often mixed up with another actor who went by the name Mehmood.
Sister Shano was married to director Ismail Memon. After Ismail passed away, Shano married director Jyoti Swaroop.
Remembering legendary bollywood comedian Mehmood Ali on his 12th death anniversary today.

Mehmood and Manorama in a still from the movie ‘Kunwara Baap’ (1974)

His nephew , producer, director Naushad Memon ( Sister Shano and Ismail Memon son) is married to Guru Dutt and Geeta Dutt daughter Neena Memon. Neena is a pop singer.

Son Mansoor Ali ( Son of second wife Tracy) moved to America for 14 years ad had a daughter named Sabrina. When he returned to India, he released a pop album named ” Sabrina”. Dedicated to his father Mehmood and his daughter Sabrina Ali.
Son Macky Ali ( Maaqdoom Ali) had a wife named Bilqees. Macky’ s son’s name is Mizaan Ali. Macky passed away from a heart attack in 2002. Macky appeared in the music video “Yaaron Sab Dua Karo”. Sung By Ram Shankar from the album Yaaron Sab Dhua Kaaro. He was playing a qawalli singer.
Mehmood’s younger brother Subhan Ali was a producer in Hindi films.
Mehmood’s brother Usman Ali is married to Khursheed Ali. They have a son named Bashir Ali. Prior to this, Usman had a son named Raju Ali from his first marriage.
Mehmood’s younger brother Shaukat Ali was married to actor Agha’s daughter Shahi. When they divorced he married Veena.
Sister Zubeidaa became a widow 14 months after marriage. She later married Mohammed Afzal and migrated to Pakistan. They have a son named Ghulam Jilani. He was married in 2004.
Sister Minu Mumtaz married director Syed Akbar Aliand and settled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her son Ajaz Ali (Owner of AJ Transport Company ,a car rental place and senior’s care home) also has settled there. Minoo’s daughters Gulnaaz, Shanaz, Mehnaaz (Mehmood’s niece) also migrated to Toronto with their mother and have settled there.
with Sunil Dutt

with Sunil Dutt

Mehmood’ s sister Hussaini Begum migrated to Pakistan and has passed away.
Mehmood’s youngest brother Anwar Ali was married to his Japanese girlfriend Esko. After they divorced, Anwar married Mona Mathur. They have a son named Akaar Ali.
Brother named Usman Ali. Usman has a son named Binju Ali who was a actor, music director. Binju’s real name is Mushtaq Khan. Binju is married to his cousin Shahnaz ( Minoo Mumtaz’s daughter).
Brother Shaukat Ali has a son named Shakeer from his first marriage. Shakeer is married to his cousin Gulnaaz ( Minoo Mumtaz’s daughter). Shaukat has a daughter named Shaheen.
Wanted to get his brother Shaukat Ali married to Feroz Khan’s sister Dilshad Begum. Both the families agreed but eventually the relationship did not work out.
Sister Zubeida first husband was from Pakistan. His name was Imtiaz Ali. He passed away few years after marriage. They had a son named Irfan Ali.
with Kishore Kumar

with Kishore Kumar

Son Masoom Ali is a real estate agent/appraiser in Glen Cove, New York, USA. He works for the world famous company ” Richmond Apraiser Service”.
Adopted daughter name is Rehmat aka Kishi. She lives in America with her mother Tracy. Mehmood found Rehmat near a garbage can near his house. She was burnt with a rod. Mehmood and Tracy decided to adopt her.
Eldest daughter name Lafitunissa. She is more well known as Ginny. She acted in Ginny aur Johnny.
Daughter named Masooma who was born in 1970. She passed away a few weeks later as she was premature.
Sister Meenu Mumtaz was engaged to producer A.G. Nadiadwala.
Brother Shaukat divorced wife Shahi and remarried a lady from England named Veena. They later settled in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Son Lucky Ali’ s brother in law is music director Mikey McCleary.
Mehmood with second wife Tracy, With Saira Banu in Padosan, Calling the shots, With Aruna Irani in Man Mandir

Mehmood with second wife Tracy, With Saira Banu in Padosan, Calling the shots, With Aruna Irani in Man Mandir

Sister in law Zaibunnisa Ali ( First wife of brother Usman) and Khairunnisa Memon ( Mehmood’s sister) produced the film Chandan Ka Palna.
Daughter Ginny Ali has two children. A daughter named Natasha and a son named Aiden.
Brother Shaukat has a child named Kabir Ali with his second wife Veena. Kabir Ali is a photographer, producer, actor based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.He acted in the documentary Bird Co. Media. The film was a Canadian production shot in India.
Daughter in law is actress, model, Miss England Elizabeth Kate Hallam. She is son Lucky Ali’s third wife.
Youngest son Manzoor Ali ( who is now more well known as Ali Zoor Manzoor) has a son named Isa ( Born in 2004).
Has a son, Masood Ali. Masood acted under the names Pucky Ali and Ali Masood. His most famous role was in Khudaar with Amitrabh Bachchan. The daughter he adopted Rehmat now also goes by the name Katharina. She has settled in the USA.
with R D Burman & Mannadey

with R D Burman & Mannadey

Son Manzoor Ali has a daughter named Aysa.
Grandchildren named Mahir Ali, Maseeha Ali (Children of Masood Ali aka Ali Masood aka Pucky Ali). They all live in Banglore.
Son Macky Ali was born in 1965.
Youngest son Manzoor who debuted as a actor in Dushman Duniya Ka, debuted as a singer in 2005. Using the new name “Manzoor Mehmood” made his singing debuting with the album “Hum Akele”. He later went on to use the moniker “Alibaba” as a musician/band. He sings Pop, Rock, Bollywood etc. His hit single “Jo Bhi” was released in 2016. He is promoting his new site
Mehmood’s youngest son Manzoor Ali (using a new name Manzoor Mehmood) sang his father’s classic song “Sabse Bada Rupaiya” in the film “Bluffmaster”. The song was picturized on Abhishek Bachchan.
Mehmood’s grandson Isa Ali (Manzoor Ali’s son) appeared in the music video of the song “Jo Bhi”. This song was sung by Mehmood’s youngest son Manzoor Ali. Manzoor now uses the name “Alibaba” for his music career. He previously used the name “Manzoor Mehmood”.
with Salman Khan

with Salman Khan in Andaz Apna Apna

Son Masoom Ali has a son named Donish Ali who is based in Glen Cove, New York USA.
Son Masoom Ali has a daughter named Erika Ali.
Son Masoom Ali (now spelled Massom Ali ) is married to Debra Ali (Born 1961).
Youngest son Manzoor Ali (with new name Alibaba) has a youtube channel called “Alibaba FlyHigh”. He posts his music on there.
Nephew Raju Ali (Sajid) was the music director for pop singer Xenia Ali album ” Mere Ada”. Raju is the son of film producer’s and Usman Ali and Zaibunnisa Ali. Raju also has a brother named Binju Ali who was a actor, singer. Raju Ali discovered singer Xenia Ali. Despite the same surname, there is no relation.
Sister Meenu Mumtaz first relationship was with the film publicist, Mubin Ansari. Ansari had started a film “Hum, Tum, Aur Woh” with Mehmood as the hero and Amita as the heroine. The film was scrapped just as the affair between Meenu and Mubin ended.
Brother Usman Ali first marriage was to Zaibu Ali. They had a son named Raju Ali.
Lucky Ali (R) singer-son of late Indian cinema's comedian Mehmood Ali carries

Lucky Ali (R) singer-son of late Indian cinema’s comedian Mehmood Ali carries

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