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Remembering Smita Patil On Her 60th Birth Anniversary.



Smita Patil would have been 60 today had fate not cruelly snatched her from us in 1986. She was only 31 when she died.

Regarded among the finest stage and film actresses of her times, Smita Patil appeared in over 80 Hindi and Marathi films in a career that spanned just over a decade.

Feminist and leading actress in the Indian New Wave cinema, Smita Patil was not a run-of-the-mill beauty. Her unconventional look and superior acting skills landed her a number of awards, including the National Film Award.

When Smita Patil breathed her last on the midnight of December 13,1986, Indian cinema lost a unique talent. Even after almost thirty years of her demise, some of her performances can still bring tears to our eyes. As in life, so in death. Truly she remains ours.

Dev Anand produced and directed the film 'Anand Aur Anand' (1984) and roped in Smita Patil as his lead heroine.

Dev Anand produced and directed the film ‘Anand Aur Anand’ (1984) and roped in Smita Patil as his lead heroine.

Dynamic, expressive and powerful – are the words that come to one’s mind while remembering Smita Patil, whose 60th birth anniversary falls today.

Hindi cinema would’ve been a far richer place had Smita Patil not left it abruptly. But her life and work embodied a tragedy that only adds value to their existence. She was a survivor against all odds. Her dusky, unconventional looks, choice of roles and active socio-political career worked to her advantage. And Smita Patil made an enviable movie career. Her roles were intense and carried gravity, in an age when women actors were largely overshadowed by men. In a period of just eight years, she carved her name on the billboard of Hindi films, even as she waded through her tumultuous relationship with Raj Babbar. Smita was one actress who balanced her career doing parallel and commercial cinema. And never did she compromise on the integrity of her onscreen portrayals. Her roles were about strong women in Indian society. She explored women and their sexuality.


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