Published On: Wed, Jun 17th, 2015

Results: WWE Money In The Bank 2015



WWE Money In The Bank 2015 kicked-off with its signature ladder match for the Money In The Bank match, the winner of that match will receive a contract for a WWE World Heavyweight title match.

Dolph Ziggler, Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, Neville and Kane contested for the ladder match. Roma Reigns was all set to win the match and take the briefcase, but  interference from Bray Wyatt restricted him to win his first ever Money in the Bank match.

Wyatt pushed him of the ladder and then him with his finishing move Sister Abigail, after that Sheamus had a hard fought battle with Neville on the ladder and the Celtic Warrior ended up as the winner of the match and took the Money in the Bank briefcase.


In another high profile match between US Champion John Cena and NXT Champion Kevin Owen, Attitude Adjustment paid the price and Cena handed over Owen his first defeat in WWE. However, after winning the match Cena gave respect to his opponent by shaking his hand and telling Owen that he belongs to WWE. But Owen had something else in his mind as he kicked Cena in his stomach and power-bombed him on the apron of the ring, it seems that the rivalry continues.

In the main event, the ladder match for the WWE World Heavyweight title between the current champion Seth Rollins and his old buddy from Shield Dean Ambrose. The match was pretty interesting as both the opponents ended up at the ladder, Ambrose was just millimeters away to win his first world title but Rollins somehow managed to defend his title.

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