Published On: Mon, Dec 14th, 2015

Right to health care, Poster for Tomorrow



All and sundry has the right to get proper health and live prosperous life but some under develop countries are fail to provide this facility to the citizens. Sometimes rich can access it but poor suffer due to lacking money. Right to health care is possibly among those rights which in 2015 would be taken as these have been provided to each one on the earth. But the truth still is rather opposing as a lot of countries are yet on their way to acquire an entrance to this basic right. To represent this harsh truth, a lot of artists from all over the globe come together to increase knowledge regarding this burning issue by creating posters for ‘Poster for Tomorrow’.

There were chosen 100 most excellent posters for the exposition. It was a combined attempt with Human Rights Commission of Pakistan as it promises for human rights in its seventh edition on December 10, 2015 (International Human Rights Day).

The idea of ‘Poster for Tomorrow’ is come from France in 2009 and they select a new human right for awareness each year. This year’s theme was universal right to healthcare for the competition. Artists, from all over the world, demonstrated their alarm for the health care through their outstanding posters. 4980 posters were put forward which made a new record.

The most particular topics, which showcased by posters, were universal access to health care, the abolition of preventable Diseases and access to clean water.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) chairperson Zohra Yusuf and human rights and peace activist Professor S. Haroon Ahmed were present at the exhibition which was showcased at The Second Floor (T2F), and they talked about the significance of right to health care.

The main reason for the theme was just to stand to eradicate the difference between status and gender while providing health and everyone can have equal access, quality, accessibility and acceptability for health care; no one should die for the reason that they can’t have enough money to pay. As a lot of posters showed ease of access to health care and people deprived of clean water.

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