Published On: Wed, Feb 24th, 2016

Right to Live Foundation Calgary holds “Healthy relationship” and “Domestic abuse” seminar


Mohammad Yaseen addressing the audience. (Left to right) Panel includes Romee Awan coordinator of program, Former Police Chief Mr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Naweed Syed.

Reporting by Mohammad Yaseen, Calgary

Sunday February 21, 2106

Right to Live Foundation of Calgary held a seminar on healthy relationships and domestic abuse at Temple Community centre this Sunday. Seminar organizers did a wonderful job holding such a wonderful event. Right to Live Foundation is a non-profit organization in Calgary. This organization is new, but the topic they chose is not new. For Pakistani Calgarians we needed a program like this which addresses theses issues as they are not easy to overcome and can bring about problems for some Pakistani families living aboard. I must admit this is probably first of its kind program among Pakistani Calgarians. I congratulate Mr.Romee Awan and the team, Mr. Sohail Raja, Mr. Aleem Uddin and Ms. Humaira Falak along with others.


(Left to right) Farhan Baig was moderating the event with Humaira Falak, Aleem Uddin, Mohammad Yaseen, Romee Awan, Yusuf Baig.

We all are aware of our community challenges, domestic abuse is off shot of a non healthy relationship. Domestic abuse leads to multiple health issues such as depression and other neurological problems and which can turn into divorce for many marriages. Pakistani Calgarians are facing these problems among our community and with domestic abuse coming on the rise and the recession now coming into the equation. It is important for Pakistanis living aboard to know and properly understand how to tackle these issues within their new society.


Yusuf Baig giving Dr. Naweed Syed an award for his great efforts and community work regarding these issues.






I believe newly immigrants and newly spouses are mostly effected, it is hard life here and our family system is such that we are shy to discuss our problems with our friends and when we do share our problems with friend or community members it sometimes becomes a topic of entertainment just for the sake of discussion and feeling pity for the couple who is facing these issues.Our community is still shy to discuss these issues with professionals as we feel it may show sign of weakness. Timing of this seminar is just perfect as it’s about time we discuss these so called delicate issues and face our demons and start seeking professional help where it is needed.


Romee Awan addressing the audience regarding these issues and what needs to be done.

List of impressive guests were former Calgary Police Chief Mr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Naweed Syed, and others all shared their knowledge and expertise on how to tackle these issues and where one should seek for help. Farhan Baig and Humaira Falak did an excellent job moderating the event. In his welcome address, Romee Awan briefly touched on the organization and its mandate. There was Q/A session followed by speeches. Program was very organized and professionally done. Hope to see Right to Live Foundation doing more events in the future in Calgary tackling more issues for Pakistani Calgarians.


Humaira Falak with Calgary Police Multicultural Community Liasion Officer.

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