Published On: Thu, May 26th, 2016

Robber forced by victim to strip and run through streets in Colombia


This is the moment a hapless robber got a taste of his own medicine when the woman he targeted forced him to strip naked and run through the streets in Colombia.

Footage shows the victim grabbing the young offender by the hair after he tried to rob her with a knife in the Colombian capital Bogota.

After disarming the attacker, she screams at him and slaps in around the head before searching his pockets and ordering him to kneel down.

As a crowd of onlookers gather around, she then completes the robber’s humiliation by ordering him to strip naked – before he sprints off down the street covering his private parts with his hands.

The video starts by showing the furious woman dragging the would-be thief around by the hair and shouting in his ear.

After being told to kneel down, he then appears to appeal for mercy as she wrenches his head back and forward.

At one point, the woman, dressed in black trousers and top and a light coat, even appears to head-butt her attacker.

It is played out against the backdrop of a loud alarm from a system that warns neighbours when a crime is being committed, according to LiveLeak, where the video appeared.

The man is shown reluctantly taking off his jacket and top and then his shorts, socks and trainers – still under the watchful eye of his angry victim.

Crowds then cheer as he is ordered to run off down the street, chased by a small dog.



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