Published On: Sat, Jul 4th, 2015

Robot Kills a Man In Germany at production plant


FRANKFURT: Inside a production plant in Germany, a robot has killed a worker at at one of Volkswagen’s production plants in Germany.

The incident happened in Baunatal that is 100 KM north to Frankfurt, when the robot clutched and crushed 22 years old against a metal plate who was a part of the team that was tasked for setting up the stationary robot.



According to the initial details, there was nothing wrong with the robot and it was human error that caused a life. These stationary robots are programmed to do different tasks while assembling and normally it operates within its confined area and mainly functions grabbing auto parts and its manipulation.

At the time of this tragedy, another worker was present but he remained safe. This person refused to give more details about the happening due to an investigation is also underway.

However, prosecutors are confused that whom to be charged in this case?

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