Published On: Sun, Jan 24th, 2016

Runway Pakistan failed to deliver promises


Fashion ramp needs practice, patience, and the drive to pick and choose collections and also the decisions on schedules and settle designers but unfortunately, these were lacking at Runway Pakistan, a show that failed to deliver all that was promised. It was organized on Thursday night and was thought to begin at 5 pm, but got belated till 8 pm. The designers were also had no idea regarding the final line-up. Models were turned up hours later than the anticipated time and a few designers left without showcasing their work.

Munib Nawaz, the couturier, stated that “This is the most disorganized show I’ve attended in my 16 years in the industry; I’ve never seen unprofessionalism so up-close,” he continued as, “Too many people are coming in the fashion industry with black money to make it white. There is no point in associating yourself with a failing business. This is not the platform where any semi-established designer would want to put them,”

Natasha Kamal and Rani Emaan, designers, shared that “They called a week ago but didn’t get in touch till the day before the event. Without enough details from them, Natasha couldn’t put her brand out there,”

Munib Nawaz told that as he has not done a lot of shows in Pakistan and took it as a good chance, “I haven’t been doing a lot of shows here, so I thought we could unveil a fresh collection. It turned out good and so I didn’t want to waste it at this show,”

Designer, Asifa Nabeel, left the show by saying that “They are taking fashion so casually and bringing a bad name to our industry.” Some models came from abroad and Asifa mentioned it as, “What impression will they take of our fashion weeks? It’s just so ridiculous that action should be taken against them. I came because I had committed to them, but what I saw was worse than what I had imagined.”

Another designer told that “the only reason I’m here is because they are funding my luxury trip to Europe.”

Syed Moiz Kazmi came from Karachi to assist with the backstage management, choreography, and coordination and shared that “I’ve worked with Bridal Couture Week (BCW), Fashion Pakistan (FP), and PFDC (Pakistan Fashion Design Council), and months of hard work are involved. It is not just a weeks’ job,”

Sajjad Chaudhry, who is CEO of Creative Jacket, had bought rights to Runway Pakistan from Runway Dubai, a company based in the UAE, said that “There were people who weren’t part of the management but disturbed us and the choreographer was threatening to walk out, which created a lot of problems. We did not get the NOC till the last minute and that caused delays.” The second and third days of the event have also been annulled.

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