Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2015

Salman Ahmed tribute to victims of Peshawar



Pakistani musician, rock guitarist, physician, activist, and the professor at the City University of New York, Salman Ahmed proclaimed plans of releasing a single track as a tribute to the sufferers of Peshawar carnage previous year and to score one of the darkest days in the chronology of Pakistan, on 16 December 2014.

He was criticizing the terrorism all over the world, then he stated, “As artists of conscience and as Muslims who belong both to the East and West, Junaid Jamshed and I unequivocally condemn terrorism in all its forms,” according to a press release. He further stated that “We extend our empathy and condolences toward those who have lost their loved ones in terrorist attacks across the globe,”

Salman told that the track does not simply pay tribute to victims of the Army Public Schools assaults, but it is also a display support to all the people on whom terrorism has exerted its tack hammer across the globe. He said that “Just ISIS and terrorists of all hues, who desire to sow the seeds of separation and discord between the East and West benefit from creating fear and uncertainty,” He characterized his feelings by passing on to iconic songs. He further added that “The words and music of Jazba JunoonDil Dil Pakistan, and John Lennon’s Imagine capture our feelings most accurately.”

It is not the initial phase when Salman and Junaid have grouped up for a song. Previously this year, the previous Vital Signs band associates had got jointly to release the song Chand Sitara on the time of Independence Day. Singer, Salman, was lately also in the news for his cooperation with music creator Peter Gabriel for the track Mann Kunto Maula, which will be characterized in the film Open Your Eyes.


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