Published On: Sun, Oct 2nd, 2016

Salman khan in hot water



The Bollywood super Khans often remain in controversies unconsciously. Currently Bollywood’s Sultan is in hot water due to the anguish statements by Indian right-wing party Shiv Sena because the eminent actor has commented about Pakistani artistes.

At a press meet which was held on Friday, the super hit film Sultan actor supported Pakistani artistes regarding the Indian film association ban and stated that “Pakistani artistes are just artistes and not terrorists. Art and terrorism should not be mixed.”

He emphasized on peace rather than war and stated that “Ideal situation should have been that of peace. But, now a reaction to an action has happened. It was a proper action as they were terrorists. But still in this day and age, I think if we lived in peace and harmony it would have been better for everyone and especially for common people,”

Regrettably for the megastar, Shiv Shena begs to differ, and after his statement, Shiv Sena’s leader Manisha Kayande said him to “migrate to Pakistan”.

Furthermore, MNS leader Shalini Thackeray has in addition opposed the actor’s remark and said him to be thoughtful of the Indian people’s sentiments.

She told that “Film stars should understand the sentiments of the people under the current circumstances. People are very angry and actors like Salman Khan should respect them,”

She continued by saying that “If Pakistani artistes do not condemn the wrongdoings of their country, why can our film stars not respect the Indian sentiment. Bollywood is not bigger than the country.”

Previously, a lot of artists in Bollywood came in support of Pakistani artists and many have opposed them. Though, with worsening indo-pak relations, it merely remains to be seen the degree to which the art community will suffer. Recently Pakistani content has been banned in India and Indian content in Pakistan.

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