Published On: Mon, Jul 18th, 2016

Salman Khan’s biopic will be boring


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Bollywood has many genres and loves to venture all of them. Biopics have always been away from the eyes of directors and producers. The reason is quite clear that the audiences were not ready to watch and like theses kind of movies. But today the scenario is changed with many directors coming forward to make biopics after the fame to Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, biopics seems to have to be favorite genre of B-town with many biopics being announced with top actors and actresses in the lead. After taking publicity many actors and cricketers have come up with their stories to be made and people know about their whole life but in the B-town here is a superstar who will be a challenge to make and that is Salman Khan who says that he won’t let any director tell his life story.

But he has mentioned the reason behind this. The star of hit Sultan thinks that “My life is very boring life. Nobody makes a film on such a boring life…”

But it is not just one cause he has given.

In an interview, Salman stated that “many people will die in my biopic.”

It is blurred whether this was an offhand reference to the 2002 hit-and-run case including him. A down-and-out man died and numerous others were injured when Salman’s car ran over the footpath on which they were sleeping. He was released of all charges in December 2015, but that verdict is at the present being challenged in the Supreme Court.

This is not the mere hullabaloo to have bounded Salman. The artist has as well made captions for shooting dead an endangered animal, attacking a former Miss World and much latest, his raped women’’ comment has again created controversy.

However, the actor claims his life is too monotonous for a big screen project.

But there is a query that should a biopic be made on him, he is the single one who’d be capable of giving notes on his life.

It was inquired that if he would permit any movie maker to make a movie in his life, he replied: “No, never, because for that one will have to write it down and the only one who can write it down is me or my brothers or my sisters and that too some bits of it because they don’t know everything.”

The star as well added “nobody” could do justice to his role in a movie.


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