Published On: Sat, Jul 16th, 2016

Salman’s 13 years ago grudge


salman and vivek

Unfortunately B-town’s superstar Salman Khan has always been in controversies. The bad boy of Bollywood has kept in captions for minor to severe issues, sometimes because of his words and sometimes because of his love. We all aware about the super Sultan’s knot with previous Miss World Aishwarya Rai but in 2003, when Aishwarya broke off her relationship with Salman Khan, she was rumored to be dating Vivek Oberoi. Salman purportedly threatened to kill the Omkara actor.

All and sundry knows the Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Vivek Oberoi love triangle which was everyone’s favorite talk but following 13 years when all three actors are living their separate lives, is the resent still on?

Vivek Oberoi recently stated in an interview and disclosed that he moved on a long time ago, but the Sultan luminary is still kept hold of the past.

The Karish 3 leading star stated that “I don’t dwell in the past, and I believe negativity helps no one. I’m someone who has always had a positive outlook towards life. I move on, rather than mull over the past. What I’ve learned in my 14-year journey in Bollywood is that no matter how successful you are, nothing is better than humility,”

Though Vivek’s career coiled down south for opting a clash with one of the major giants in the amusement industry, he abides Salman no animosity.

All through promotions of Sultan, it was inquired from Vivek regarding the movie and he replied that he considered it was “fabulous” and Salman was “looking great.”

But did he have hidden reasons at the back that comment? Vivek states no.

He added that “When I praise someone’s work, I do not have any vested interest. Likewise, when I celebrate someone’s success I feel genuinely happy because it means that the film fraternity is doing well,”

As their clash approximately a decade ago, Vivek has apologized to the Dabangg actor innumerable in anticipation of perk up their relationship, but all his endeavors have been met with a snub. Nevertheless, that hasn’t distress Vivek.

He said “Unfortunately, some people are stuck in a time warp about an incident that happened 13 years ago. He continued “I’m celebrating my life every day. I have a beautiful family and I wake up to bliss every day. I’m blessed with more than I could dream of. The respect I get is something I had never imagined I would get 10 years ago. I feel so much gratitude,”


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