Published On: Tue, Nov 17th, 2015

Samiya Mumtaz is going to Cast in a New Play which is about Time of War.


The play in which ‘Samiya Mumtaz’ going to act, Is actually about love and loss at the time of war.
Actually already ‘Samiya’ has given a blockbuster flick to Pakistani Industry with the name of ‘MOOR’, and before she is done with MOOR, She already moved to two new projects.
If we talk about the present situation of ‘Samaya’ then right now She is in ‘Tronto’ which is the city of ‘Canada’ and there She is Performing a Play with the name of ‘The Road To Paradise’ Whose story consist of three parts.
Following are the parts:
1) A children with a Suicide bomber in Pakistan.
2) A Canadian Troops and their Wives Petawawa.
3) An Afghan women and her Son who Shifted to ‘Tronto’ After a Family Tragedy.
This play is basically Written by ‘Jonathan Garfinkel’ and ‘Christopher Morris’ and Morris is also Director of this play.
Talking to ‘Tronto Now’ (Newspaper) the ‘Morris’ told that He and his Co-Writer Worked a lot like many Years just to make another side of the story and they also visited Pakistan and Afghanistan and Petawawa, Just for the sake of their Play’s Story.
He also shared that this play is inspired by women whose Husband was Fighting in Afghanistan, And this knowledge is gained by her Interview To CBC.
Morris Shared that , He was like droned in this play and He said that He didn’t even want the Script as the story was getting generate in his mind day by day and that is why he thought and after that he also make the part of this play’s story that to explore the reality of Afghanistan and Taliban As well.
And ‘Garfinkel’ also verified the Statement of ‘Morris’ and said that ‘YES’ we Visited the places which are relevant to our play and we just did this act just to make the more interest in our play because it takes an Important role to Create Interest Of People In Any Play/Drama.
in the end they told Us that this play will Runs till 28th of November at Tronto’s Theatre which is very famous with the name of ‘BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES’, After that it will be played on other theatres.

Samiya’s First Drama before the release of MOOR, Ali ki Ammi, Was a great and a Super Hit Family Drama and Now We also Expect That Kind of Response about these Plays.
The Drama ‘ALI ki Ammi’ in that She was a Second wife of her Husband, but Her life Gets a Change just After the Birth of her Son ‘Ali’, and Her in Laws who were very irritable to her gets more intense after the birth of ‘Ali’ but She keep on her defend and also take stand for her Son just to give education to him because She was an Uneducated Women and she Wanted to See her Son As a Successful Men.

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