Published On: Thu, Aug 11th, 2016

Samsung Offered This Worker 5.7 Crores To Stay Silent About This Serious Issue At Work!


As soon as you hear the name of ‘Samsung’, you immediately form an image of a big company with thousands of workers in it, isn’t it? Yes, this famous tech giant has around 10,000 workers in it’s unit. However, you are going to be shocked after hearing one fact about the company.

Well reports have quoted a worker safety group saying that in Samsung’s display and computer chip factories, workers are exposed to many harmful chemicals and toxins, leading to occupational diseases that have always posed a danger to their lives.

However, Samsung has always kept this as a secret. It believes that if it shells out a huge amount, the company can shut the mouths of workers.

In reality, there have been around 200 cases of very serious illnesses such as multiple sclerosis, lymphoma, lupus, leukemia and more among workers who are working in its LCD units. 76 workers aged between 20-30 years have died due to that.

Moreover, South Korean Government doesn’t give compensation to workers for occupational diseases if they don’t give them sufficient proofs or reveal details about the exposure to chemicals.

However, Samsung pays a huge amount to these workers to keep mum about this serious issue. Let us hear from the workers itself;

Then there was Hwang Yu-Mi (22) who died of Leukemia. Her father Hwang Sang GI, launched inspections in the factories. He says

“(Samsung) once offered me 1 billion won (Rs 5.7 crore), asking me to stay silent. The idea was to deny her illness was an occupational disease and to leave me without any power to fight back.”


Then there is Park Won-Hee (42) a former worker of Samsung in its’ chip factory who had to quit the job since she was suffering from Lupus. Moreover, she is a single mother and has the responsibility of a teenage daughter. She says

“My house is subsidized by the government. My child is young. I asked my sisters and they don’t have money. I feel bad for people who cannot get compensation (from Samsung) but we are in an urgent situation. I asked for it to provide a better life for my child.”


Former worker in Samsung’s chip factory who has survived breast cancer, Park Min-Sook (43) says,

“In a situation where people’s lives are at stake, (Samsung) brought uninformed kids from the countryside and acted like money is everything, using them as if they were disposable cups.”

Kim Mi-Seon (36), a worker in Samsung’s display factory says that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and owing to that lost her eyesight. She says that Samsung never informed them about how harmful the chemicals are.

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