Published On: Sat, Jul 30th, 2016

Sangeeta determines to teach a lesson to Noor


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Ishq Positive has hit the screens and has failed to impress at the box office but its cast and crew members, both contemporary and ex-are in captions for some issues.

The movie’s ex-maker Sangeeta stated in a media conference at Lahore Press Club and spoke up at the movie’s new director Noor Bukhari. It was started out as a financial clash has become quite an ugly falling-out.

Sangeeta stated that “I worked on Ishq Positive for about 22 days and it was decided that Noor would pay me Rs 500,000 in exchange for my services. But I have received only Rs 200,000,”

She further continued that “She would also disturb my work and ask me to change the script a lot. I left the film due to the behavior of Noor and Wali Hamid Ali Khan, which was not acceptable. Besides, Noor has given me a fake cheque that obviously bounced,” lined by Pakistan Film Distributors Association Chairperson Chaudhary Ejaz Kamran, director Joni Malik, and screenwriter Pervaiz Kalim, Sangeeta shared that she has never compromised on the quality of her work. She revealed, “I warned Noor and Wali against what they were doing but of course, it fell on deaf ears.”

Sangeeta is of the view that it is yet soaring time that she is compensated for her contribution in Ishq Positive. She revealed “I completed most parts of the film and even recorded the songs but Noor is refusing to pay me,” she further asserted that “I am seriously ill and still committed to the film. In fact, I was the one who introduced Noor to the film industry in the first place! She should remember that and respect her seniors,”

Sangeeta is depressed by Noor’s alleged behavior and has naturally disheartened. She said “I have spent almost 45 years of my life working in the Pakistani film industry. I have introduced so many actors and artists and I find it so insulting that some of them are working against me,” she continued “Rest assured, I will not spare Noor! I will teach her a lesson.”

Sangeeta has filed a case in opposition to Noor in the Sindh High Court, condemning her of preservation the remainder of her expense and giving a press statement in opposition to her. Sangeeta added “Fortunately, almost all film-related associations are taking my side and after thorough discussions with them, I decided to take the matter to the courts. Now, it is the law that will sort out our financial issues,”

Recently Noor has blamed Sangeeta in an interview, “She is telling nothing but lies! None of the things she has mentioned were decided on paper and if she has any proof of me not paying her, she should submit it to court too,” Noor added “This is all just propaganda against me. But a time will come when I have successfully proved Sangeeta is not right and neither is anything she has said.”

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