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Shetan Gwat where fairies dwell under devil’s care



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Shetan Gwat Lake is best for you if you love adventures. It must be on your travel bucket catalog. It is situated at the alpine pastures above Kedam village of Bahrain valley in Swat district, Pakistan. This place is truly a secreted gem.

Later than a challenging 13-hours-long trek on a perilous trail of a steep rocky mountain, the view of a vast mirror-like water body at once attracts ones concentration. The spectator at once has a sense of anonymity and enthusiasm. The alpine glacial lake is hovering 13,404 feet above sea level at the end of a 30-kilometre-long meadow to the north of Kedam in Bahrain valley.

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Shetan Gwat means ‘Devil’s corner’. It is unknown for a long and Shepherds gave the spot this name for the reason that of its unparalleled magnificence and mystical phenomenon. It is stated this is where fairies reside under devil’s guardianship.

Possibly the initial shepherd who happened to place the water body was astonished into stillness at looking the incomprehensible spot and named in an earsplitting voice, “The devil deliberately hid this mysteriously stunning lake, surely, a fairyland, from the human eye. Hey! It is a devil’s corner.”

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“Those who drink water from the Lake become mischievous and commit negative deeds,” said a shepherd who lives near the Shetan Gwat.

A professional trekker from Mingora told that he hiked to all the three huge mountain ranges of Pakistan but the natural magnificence of Swat was a far comparison.

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He has one more clarification of why the region is called devil’s corner: the cause could be the intricate trek, which tested trekkers’ will power.

Regarding the trail, trekkers told that every now and then during the trek they desired to quit halfway. But with the support of veteran trekkers they sustained to continue.

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Prior to approaching Shetan Gwat lake trekkers have to cross numerous hamlets, involving Kandaro Banda, Izmisko Banda, Soney Banda, Kanaroo Banda, Tarkanai Banda, Jabba Banda, Bissa Banda,Gulono Banda, Karro Banda and then Sarbanda.

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Local shepherds stated that for the reason of the scary trek, a little number of locals have visited the Shetan Gwat, whereas he is yet to come crosswise any outsiders making the tour.

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