Published On: Tue, Jul 12th, 2016

Shop Owner Ignores Robber Pointing Gun At His Face



We’ve all been warned to do whatever a robber asks since resisting could just aggravate the situation and make them become violent, but one restaurant owner decided to do something unusual when an armed robber burst into his restaurant.

One New Zealand restaurant owner was in the middle of preparing an order for a customer when aburglar walked into his Christchurch restaurant with a bag in one hand and a gun in the other. The burglar demanded the man open the cash register and put all the money inside the bag, but his intimidation tactics failed to scare the owner.

Rather than yield to the burglar’s demands, the owner completely ignores the robber and continues to make the order of souvlaki, and even hands the food over to the frightened customer who grabs his food before fleeing the restaurant.

Photo by Facebook/Canterbury Police
Photo by Facebook/Canterbury Police

The owner continues calmly ignoring the robber as if he wasn’t there, and finally, the baffled thief gives in and sprints out of the store empty-handed.

Photo by Facebook/Canterbury Police
Photo by Facebook/Canterbury Police

Watch the security footage below to see the priceless way this shop owner dealt with being robbed.




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