Published On: Sat, Oct 31st, 2015

Siachen I new play by Anwar Maqsood



Siachen is an icy, manipulated combat zone caught up with decades of carnage and nuisance. It is a territory that has stretched blemish the history of the subcontinent with the bereavement of thousands; murder additional by weather cruelty than by real combat.

Anwar Maqsood commences dramatizing in Islamabad on October 28, Siachen. This is the newest project by Kopykats Productions and Anwar Maqsood. They guarantee to distribute amusement and poignancy beside the equivalent lines as its forerunner, main significantly the Pawnay and Sawa 14 August series. In Anwer Maqsood’s typical manner, it seeks to aggravate notion and inquire questions.

“Why are we fighting in Siachen and what for?” inquires the dramatist as he initiates into a tale that starts with a mother bidding farewell to her son, a sister watching her brother and a son proverbing send-off to his father, all bearing off for war in Siachen.

“The son inquires the mother why she is sending him off when two of her sons have previously gone off to battle. She informs him, ‘Mein Teri maa hoon toh yeh watan bhi teri maa hai’ (If I am your mother, then this country is also like a mother to you). Once her son goes she explodes into tears and asks Allah why she had borne three sons that she had to send off to war, rather than a daughter.”

Warfare is for all time a responsive theme and under Anwar Maqsood’s pen it is clear to turn into poignant. “I particularly ask for Anwar sahib to shed a spotlight on Siachen and this is the first army-centric writing that he has written,” says the play’s director Dawar Mehmood.

In an attempt to keep on accurate to the writing, the play’s cast spent 15 days in Siachen with the Pakistan Army jawans. “I required them to tolerate the troubles that these men go from side to side on a daily basis,” clarifies Mehmood. “The wounded take place more regularly from frostbite and landslide than by opponent bullets. They are combating, extra than everything else, emotional combat and I required the actors to understand it.”

The group cast of amateur first-time actors was additionally created to leave from side to side an exact course in process acting. For 120 days, they were compelled to survive jointly, cut off from the external world with no contact to phones or the Internet, missing out on Eids and family interment as they taught to imitate soldiers at war. Mornings would start with widespread physical training whereas play practices took up evenings.

One cast member snapped while spending time with the troops at Siachen

Despite technological pinch, getting a pivotal stage in any play by Anwar Maqsood is the script itself, interspersed with poker-faced, unique satire — and Dawar has established a talent for exerting it into the fascinating theatre. With a title that piques curiosity and a well-loved scriptwriter and accomplished production team at its helm, Siachen is bound to draw in crowds. Written for the Pakistani audience, it will also be traveling all over Pakistan and beyond over the next six months, traversing through Islamabad, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, Karachi, Dubai, London and Lahore.


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