Published On: Wed, Oct 28th, 2015

Sartaj Aziz Says Pakistan has no control Over Taliban’s


Talking to radio in Islamabad, The adviser of Prime Minister on foreign affairs ‘Sartaj Aziz’ says that Pakistan has a bad effect just because of Taliban’s, and we have no control over this matter.
Sartaj Aziz was talking to Mehar Abbasi in an interview, and He was saying that it is Afghan Government’s duty to talk to Taliban’s about peace in Pakistan and in which Pakistan has the only role just to make communication between them.
In this process of making peace, the United States and Pakistan as well supporting the Afghan Government and ‘Aziz’ said that it was up to Afghan government, whether they also want this purpose done or not?
Sartaj Aziz also told in the interview that international community had as well a concern about ‘Afghanistan’ and also have the ‘War’ concern which should not exist in Afghanistan.
‘Aziz’ says that Pakistan and the United States also want the solution about the talks which are created between Afghan Government and Taliban’s.
He said that the Afghani government did not give any response in the peace matter in Pakistan, which was the Main purpose behind to help in communication with Taliban.
‘Aziz’ spoke some Great words about Pakistan, and that was “Pakistan is a land of peace, and its soil is never made for harming any country.”
However, in ‘July’, Pakistan had broke peace and show Taliban a little demo of their Power, and the Result was the death of ‘MULLAH OMAR’.
And the result of showing the demo of the power of Pakistan, The President of Afghanistan ‘Ashraf Ghani’ has said that You just proved that the soil of Pakistan isn’t ‘Peace Maker’.
In fact, He said that Pakistan was the country where people are Terrorists, and they just know how to Attack other countries.
Side by side this, The defensive officers have also accused Pakistan’s Intelligence that they play a game with Afghanistan, Together with Taliban and that was the part of a game to help Afghan Government in communication with Taliban’s.
After getting all these views, Pakistan has. Strongly denied all the blames, which was raised and also give clarification about all the misunderstandings.
Now, Pakistan is talking to Taliban’s by his own and tried to make the deal with them just to create peace in our country and not getting the help of Afghan Government in this matter.
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