Published On: Sat, May 14th, 2016

Sixth sense can protect you as driving



Human have five senses and the six sense considered the supernatural which is not common in every human being, but a new research study has revealed that ‘A sixth sense steadies drivers’ hands and assists them remain on track, even when they are absent-minded or emotionally distress, apart from when they are connected in texting on their mobile phones.

To conduct the research study, 59 volunteers were inquired to drive the similar path of a highway four times under ‘normal situations’ of being emphasized on driving; whereas diverted with cognitively challenging inquires, emotionally charged inquiries, and whereas pre-occupied with texting unimportance.

The results illustrated that when the participants drove in all the three states – apart from under normal situations – their hands became nervous whereas dealing the wheels but the vehicle went on a straight path.

Ioannis Pavlidis, who is the lead researcher from the University of Houston, in the US, stated that “The driver’s mind can wander and his or her feelings may boil, but a sixth sense keeps a person safe at least in terms of veering off course,”

Though, when the drivers were diverted by texting, this nervous dealing resulted in important lane deviations and unsafe driving.

Pavlidis stated that “What makes texting so dangerous is that it wreaks havoc into this sixth sense,”

This is for the reason that of the function played by an area of the brain named the Anterior Cingulate Cortex, or ACC – recognized to automatically interfere as an error corrector when there is clash – in cognitive, emotional and sensor motor, or texting, stressors.

Pavlidis elaborated in the journal Scientific Reports as “This raises the levels of physiological stress, funneling ‘fight or flight’ energy to the driver’s arms, resulting in the jittery handling of the steering wheel”,

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